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This is where it all started for me at H Dugdale Motors Alvanley. I left school at 16 and started work at Dugdales Runcorn shop and then transferred to Alvanley about 12 months later where i did a motorcycle apprenticeship and worked their until the shop closed in 1991. Dugdale motors who had a long history in road racing and one of the first Yamaha dealers in the uk sponsoring the likes of Charlie Williams and Eddie Roberts who had a lot success at the Manx GP and the TT, Alan Dugdales son Ian started racing in 1987 with a Maxton framed tz which was adapted to fit a f2 350 ypvs so cylinders were sent to all the top 2t tuners of the day Terry Shepard,Terry Becket,Stan Stephens and Bill Ingham and they all worked very well and the motor had a tz crank gearbox and dry clutch we changed the std crank because it couldn't handle the HP the motor was producing it used to spread and brake rods anyway the up shot of it all was after looking and measuring the cylinders heads pipes etc i thought i could improve on the work that had already been done think this is how most tuners get started so modified the best set of cylinders tuned by Terry Beckett heads etc the result was it won many championships and set lap and race records at the likes of Oulton park Aintree Darley the rest is history as they say! 

                                      Karl Plant                 John Ireland                   Ian Dugdale             Bill Ingham                                   


Just some of the riders I've tuned built motors and worked for

Ian Dugdale on the Carbon Fibre famed Maxton

Mark Norman with a very bright future a head of him was Sadly Killed at the stars at Darley  meeting in 1994  

Jason Davis

Philip M McConaghy


Paul Moz Owen

Paul Day


Ian Lewis


Derek Sutton


 Neil Smith Oulton  Park Champion 1995

Connor Behan




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