Two Stroke Tuning Specialists

                          Completed Work from 2013/2014

            Kawasaki KX85 Rebore   March 2013                                 Suzuki RG80 Rebore Jan 2013

                                                            Suzuki X5 Rebuild and mild porting


        Yamaha FS1E Rebuilt cranks and Rebored Barrels            Yamaha RD 250LC Crank being trued after rebuild



                    Honda RS 125 NF4 After a full rebuild and Tuning left picture checking for air leaks 



                                                                       Below Bultaco porting


                                                 Aluminium welding to damaged  Bultaco crankcases



                                      Above Yamaha FS1E crankcases after welding and finishing


                                         Yamaha YB 100 High Compression heads with squish band


                       Puch M50 Sport as received  R'H picture crankcases back together and checking end float


                                                                Yamaha FZR400 top end rebuild


                              Aprilia RS125 140cc big bore kit Puch M50 Crank after Being rebuilt


                              Honda CRF 250 full engine Rebuild and High Compression piston 


                      Yamaha RD250 D Refurbished Crankshaft and BSA Bantam Rebore and mild porting


                                        Kawasaki AR 80/93cc High Compression head and port work


                   A Batch of Yamaha FS1E Rebores and a Suzuki GT50  bored out to 47mm and ported  


                                                                   Yamaha FS1E Race Pipe


                                                                        Suzuki X7 Rebuild


                                                          Yamaha Blaster rebore and FS1E rebuild


                                                        Another BSA Bantam Rebore and Porting job

                                      Yamaha FS1E Wheel after rebuild with Aqua Blasted Hub                                           

                                                  Yamaha RD 125 DX crankshaft and bottom end rebuild


     Yamaha AS3 Race Motor ready to go after a full rebuild Vapour Blasting and Powdered Coated outer cases    

                     Suzuki X7 275cc Conversion Bored & Ported Cylinders 57mm split and machined heads        


          Honda RS 125 after cylinder repair re-plating and Avgas setup cylinder head built up ready to race


 Kawasaki KC100 Porting modified carb Bellmouth and high compression  Cylinder Head




 Above BSA Bantam Re-bored barrel and fin repair and Below Ford XR2 Weber Carb Before and after Vapour   Blasting and  fully rebuilt


                                      Kawasaki Triple Re-bored and Aqua Blasted Cylinder barrels


 Yamaha RXS100/DT175 special Machined DT Barrel ready to fit the RXS bottom end Also modified Crankshaft With longer Con rod to suit and a RXS Cylinder bored to 54.25mm 115cc  



                          Yamaha YDS6 Fully Rebuilt Vapour blasted and Polished all ready for the Customer     

          Suzuki LT 50 Re-bore                                                             Aprilia RS 125 Crank rebuilt









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