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Here are some older Dyno graphs from engines I've tuned

Above KTM 80 tuned by Karl Plant of kpmotosolutions Producing over 24hp


Below is a dyno graph of an  RS125 Honda Pre 95  with a Polini powerhead form a Cr125 adapted , fitted and developed by Karl Plant in the mid 90's


Below is a Dyno Graph of a Honda Rs125 1994 ridden by Stuart Nichols The cylinder Was tuned by Karl Plant the rest of the setup was his own and went on to finish in the top 6 of the British Championships of that year


 Minarelli AM6 Dyno Graph


 Below an FS1E Dyno graph fitted with a 47mm Puch maxi cylinder and a 43mm stroker crank from a Minarelli AM6 still under Development

 Below Is a Dyno Graph of a 2007 Honda Rs125 this was just a direct comparison of the Seel kit cylinder and a std Honda rs 125 ported By Karl Plant with no dialing time just bolting on the cylinder and head and testing. The results where quit pleasing considering the lack of setup time, so we gained a bit up the slope  made a bit more hp but lost over rev.


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