Two Stroke Tuning Specialists

                           Motocross/Trails Rebuilding and Tuning

At kp motosolutions we also specialise in two stroke motocross modern Classic/Vintage  and trials engines, rebuilding modifying and tuning, please don't hesitate to contact me to discuss your project.


Suzuki TM125 fully rebuilt Motor 

Suzuki RM125Z 1982 rebored ported  and reworked cylinder head right the same but on a 1998 YZ250 

Yamaha TY175 Rebuilt engine with a high compression head and some porting mods

Yamaha TY250 porting and piston mods


Honda CRF 250 rebuilt engine


above Honda CR250 1973 Elsinore fully tuned and rebuilt ready for the customer

Below MT250 after a full rebiuld




SUZUKI TS400 bottom end with a TM400 top end fully rebuild

Above another CR250 Elsinore tune and rebuild 



YAMAHA TY250 MONO completely rebuilt




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