Two Stroke Tuning Specialists

                             Vapour Blasting/Aqua Blasting/Dry Blasting

        Here at KP MOTO SOLUTIONS we can cater for your wet and dry blasting with large capacity cabinets for those big items like engine blocks and gear boxes etc please contact me for pricing.

 Here are a couple of jobs I've completed recently

       Suzuki x7 Before and after 



                                                     Kawasaki KR1S Cylinder before and after


                                                                                 350 Yamaha

              BSA Bantam Cylinder head and barrel before and after Wet blasted head and Dry blasted Barrel 


                                           Yamaha FS1E wheel before and after Vapour blasting         

                                                                              Yamaha YDS6  

                                                           This motor was in a really bad state


                                                          Yamaha SRX 600 Before and After


                      Yamaha RD 200 Wet blasted crankcases dry blasted Cylinder heads and Barrels                                  

                     all blasted Crankshaft rebuilt Cylinder Barrels Re-bored ready for Paint and assembly 


                                  FORD XR2 Weber Carb before and after Aqua Blasting And fully rebuild


                                               Kawasaki Triple Aqua Blasted and Re-bored Barrels



                           HONDA CBX1000 carb Refurb Aqua Blasted Ultrasonic Cleaned Zinc Plated etc




                                                       SUZUKI TM125 Yokes after Blasting  YB100  FS1 heads and Barrels

      Yamaha TY 250 head and barrel                                                           FS1E Crank Cases 



SUZUKI GT750 carbs before and after 

Suzuki GT550 and Honda CB500 after Aqua Blasting



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